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TAKE-OFF Open Doors Day: Environmental assessment for CO2-based SAF

May 7 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

This year’s TAKE-OFF Open Doors Day will be hosted by SDU on Friday the 14th of June in Odense, Denmark. The one-day event will focus on the takeaways from the project on environmental assessments (e.g. LCA), as well as the future scenarios of Sustainable Aviation Fuels.

To assess the relative economic and environmental performance of jet fuels produced from COand H2 via the light olefins route, the TAKE-OFF project has established a conceptual model. Next to this, process simulations were developed in Aspen Plus to provide more insight in the economical assessment.

By using forecasted and upscaled data on the value chain developed during the project, data on TAKE-OFF SAF have been compiled and compared with the production of jet fuel from competing systems under future conditions. This preliminary data will be presented during the event.

The Open Doors Day will specifically target EU officials, airlines, airport operators, fuel producers, PhD and students from related subjects inside and outside the TAKE-OFF project. The event will include insight sessions, tech talks, open discussions and networking opportunities.

🔗 Please find here a draft agenda and register via this link soon as possible and no later than the 3rd of June.

For info and registration, please email our Director of Communication and Events Antonio La Mantia at antonio.lamantia@co2value.eu.


May 7
8:00 am - 5:00 pm