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What is SUNER-C? Welcome by the Project Coordinators

To accelerate innovation in the sector of solar fuels and chemicals, the 3-year SUNER-C programme entitled “SUNERGY Community and eco-system for accelerating the development of solar fuels and chemicals” has been funded by the European Union (EU). The SUNER-C consortium is a unique and balanced partnership of 31 organisations, bringing together a large diversity of partners, expertise, fields, and representatives of all the EU regions.

See the SUNER-C presentation

Energy-X Research Needs Report

How can we move towards sustainable production of fuels and chemicals in Europeand mitigate climate change? 

The ENERGY-X report provides a scientific roadmap towards sustainable production of fuels and chemicals. It is the result of a three-day workshop, integrating the knowledge of more than 150 scientists and stakeholders. The report highlights scientific challenges in twelve areas integral to realising sustainable fuels and chemicals, and points to the related research needs from a scientific, industrial and societal perspective.

Read the Energy-X Research Needs Report

SUNRISE Technological Roadmap

The SUNRISE technological roadmap is the result of the integrated knowledge of a broad group of scientists across Europe and a key step to engage the whole community towards building a climate neutral EU. This roadmapping process started in May 2019 based on the development of a consolidated SUNRISE vision of a circular solar-driven economy for 2050. It spread during SUNRISE CSA and has been later tackled by a dedicated working group within the SUNRISE consortium.

Read the SUNRISE Technological Roadmap, and its technical annexes I, II, III, IV

Innovation Challenge 5: Converting Sunlight into Solar Fuels and Chemicals Roadmap 2020–2050

This Innovation Challenge “Converting Sunlight into Solar Fuels and Chemicals” Roadmap 2020–2050 highlights the scientific and technical challenges and opportunities for international cooperation to accelerate the development and deployment of new solar conversion technologies worldwide. It identifies major research and innovation needs for a number of solar fuels technology pathways.

Read the Innovation Challenge 5: Converting Sunlight into Solar Fuels and Chemicals Roadmap 2020–2050

Study on ‘Solar Fuels Research & Invest: Defining and developing the global solar fuel value chain: techno-economic analysis and pathways for sustainable pathways for sustainable implementation’

This European Commission funded study provides a technoeconomic analysis of global solar fuel value chains and pathways for sustainable implementation, including: a techno-economic analysis of worldwide solar fuel value chains; a technological development roadmap for 2030 and 2050 and economic roadmap to 2100 as well as a market outlook mapping the full potential of solar fuels for 2050 and 2100; the International Solar Fuels Forum; and the organisation of an international conference on solar fuels.

Read here the Study on ‘Solar Fuels Research & Invest’

Science, Research and Innovation performance of the EU 2022 report

The Commission has released the 2022 edition of this document analysing the EU’s innovation performance in a global context. It provides insights into how research and innovation policies can help build an inclusive, sustainable, competitive and resilient Europe by leveraging the essential role of research and innovation as a source of prosperity and as a catalyst for change. The report also highlights how the coronavirus pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine call for Europe to reinforce its preparedness to quickly and adequately react to new, unexpected challenges.

Read the SRIP report