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External funding

EIC Accelerator Open & Challenges

The EIC Accelerator supports individual small and medium enterprises to develop and scaleup game-changing innovations.

EIC Accelerator Open: No predefined thematic priorities. Looks to support companies where the EIC support will act as a catalyst to crowd in other investors necessary for the scale up of the innovation

Deadline: 11th January/22nd March/7th  June/4th  October 2023

EIC Accelerator Challenges

  • Biomarkers for cancer
  • Decontamination for pandemic management
  • Energy storage
  • New European Bauhaus
  • Quantum computers and quantum sensors
  • Semiconductors
  • Resilient agricultures
  • Space technologies and services

Deadline: 22nd March/7th June/4th October 2023

EIC Pathfinder open & challenges

EIC PathFinder to achieve the proof of principle and validate the scientific basis of breakthrough technology (TRL 1-4)

EIC Pathfinder Open: to realise an ambitious vision for radically technology, with potential to create new markets and/or to address global challenges.

Deadline: 7th March 2023

EIC Pathfinder Challenges: high-risk/high-gain research and development in the following challenges:

  • Clean and efficient cooling
  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction digitalisation
  • Precision Nutrition
  • Responsible Electronics
  • In-space solar energy

Deadline: 18th October 2023

Development of microalgae and/or direct solar fuel production and purification technologies for advanced aviation and /or shipping fuels (RIA)

Development of microalgae and/or direct solar fuel production and purification technologies for making advanced aviation and /or shipping fuels from microalgae and/or direct sun use a techno-economic feasible, cost-effective and sustainable option for large-scale use of microalgae-based and/or solar-based advanced fuels in aviation and /or shipping. Activities are expected to achieve TRL 4-5 by the end of the project.


Dead line: 5th September 2023

EIC Transition Open & Challenges

EIC Transition: validate and demonstrate technology in application-relevant environment and develop market readiness TRL 4-5/6.

EIC Transition Open:

  • Innovation activities that go beyond the experimental PoC
  • Maturation and validation of technology
  • Open ONLY to previous FET Open, FET Proactive, FET Flagship calls, ERC-PoC projects and EDF calls (civil applications)

Dead line: 12th April/27th September 2023

EIC Transition Challenges: Open to all projects funded under Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe. Topics:

  • Micro-Nano-Bio devices
  • Environmental intelligence
  • Chip-scale optical frequency combs

Dead line: 12th April/27th September 2023

Funding and support services for the photonics EU ecosystem

PhotonHub Europe  is a pan-European photonics innovation hub funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 program, which helps European SMEs and mid-caps to increase competitiveness through an accelerated deployment of photonics-based technologies (downloadable leaflet). PhotonHub’s sister program, ACTPHAST for Researchers, is specifically designed to providing access for photonics and non-photonics researchers to the advanced photonics technology platforms.

Read more about these initiatives here. 

Endorsement letter

Are you preparing a proposal and your project falls in the scope of sustainable fuels and chemicals?

Get a suport letter from SUNERGY to enhance your project’s proposal!

You can now apply for a SUNERGY support letter for your project if it fits the SUNERGY scope and if at least half of the consortium members are SUNERGY supporters (or Energy-X / SUNRISE supporters who want to become SUNERGY supporters). Please get in touch with us via [email protected]. We will need information about the call, an abstract and a description of the consortium to decide if the project is aligned with the initiative’s goals. Please, send the information at least two weeks before the call deadline.

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