Funding and support services for the photonics EU ecosystem

The Institute of Photonic Sciences – ICFO, along with other members of the SUNERGY community, are active partners of PhotonHub Europe, a pan-European photonics innovation hub funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 program, which helps European SMEs and mid-caps to increase competitiveness through an accelerated deployment of photonics-based technologies. PhotonHub’s sister program, ACTPHAST for Researchers, is specifically designed to providing access for photonics and non-photonics researchers to the advanced photonics technology platforms in order to demonstrate conceptual breakthroughs with industrially-relevant equipment.

Photonics is the technology of light and a key digital technology for businesses to innovate. It can create new solutions and open up exciting new market opportunities for growth in the field of Climate & Energy, particularly in Solar Fuels/Chemicals technologies, for instance:

– Photovoltaics – Light sensing

– Photo-electrochemistry – Thin film scribing

– In-operando monitoring – Laser-enabled sensing

– Chemical sensing (H2, CO2) – Light engineering films

– Temperature/strain sensors – Laser manufacturing

 PhotonHub and ACTPHAST4R act as one-stop-shop matchmakers between companies/researchers and the photonics EU ecosystem (from RTO’s, training centres and industry across), giving you tailored expert orienteering about the successful implementation of the photonics innovation you require across eight technology platforms, offering a range of free-of-charge services:

Examples of the support models (prototyping, upscaling) and the subsidy intensity (SME or large company) can be found in this downloadable leaflet.

If you are a European company looking for innovation support, don’t hesitate to apply at If you are a European researcher, please apply at Keep in mind that ACTPHAST4R is on its final running year, so act fast!