Member of Suner-C IAB, Prof. James Durrant, recognized for his pioneering work in developing renewable and low-cost energy technologies.

Professor James Durrant, a member of the Suner-C International Advisory Board, has been awarded the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for his remarkable contribution to photochemistry and solar energy research. Princess Anne presented the award to him last week.

Prof. Durrant is the Director of Imperial’s Centre for Processable Electronics (CPE) and he is a renowned researcher in the field of photochemistry and solar energy research, dedicating his work to the development of renewable and low-cost energy technologies, a crucial scientific challenge for the 21st century.

His team focuses on developing new chemical approaches to solar energy conversion to produce electricity (photovoltaics) or molecular fuels, such as hydrogen. They also tackle the related challenge of electrocatalytic fuel synthesis. By combining fundamental optical studies into light-driven reactions with materials and device design, Prof. Durrant’s team creates design principles that guide technological development.

In addition to his work at the Imperial College, Prof. Durrant has been involved in several European projects such as the A-LEAF. The A-LEAF project had the goal to determine experimentally and theoretically the main parameters for optimization of the chemical transformations at surfaces to combine water and CO2 into oxygen and energy-rich chemicals.

We would like to extend our congratulations to Professor Durrant on receiving this award for his outstanding contributions to photochemistry and solar energy research. It is a testament to his remarkable achievements, and we are honored to work alongside him in the pursuit of renewable energy solutions.

Prof. James Durrant

Prof. James Durrant gave a presentation at the SUNER-C 2nd Consortium Meeting

The Order of the British Empire was established in 1917 by King George V to honour those who had served in a non-combative role. The Order has since expanded to reward contributions to the Arts, Sciences, Charitable work and Public Service.