Our community is growing!

The SUNERGY Initiative is possible thanks to the support of a carlety of institutions representing all the wide-range of stakeholders, from the industrial key actors, to well-known academic and research scientists to the societal role players. SUNERGY is an open community and new supporters are always welcome, with no financial backing required to join the community. Our last  support letter campaign brought us around 95 letters, which together with the support letters sent to the previous initiatives, sum more than 300 supporters. We thank our community for standing behind the initiative and giving us a hand in our work towards the goals of SUNERGY.

Interested in becoming a SUNERGY supporter? If you are interested or if you would like to invite someone to become a SUNERGY supporter, please visit this webpage for more information, and know more about the benefits of becoming a supporter. As a SUNERGY supporter you will easily connect to and collaborate with colleagues from around Europe, join interesting events, and contribute to a joint roadmap and supporting strategies.