SUNERGY has been awarded a Horizon Europe CSA (Coordination and Support Action) through the call ‘Creation of an innovation community for solar fuels and chemicals’.

Thanks to this project, called SUNER-C: SUNERGY Community and Eco-System for Accelerating the Development of Solar Fuels and Chemicals, we will be able to create an innovation ecosystem to accelerate the development of technologies for solar fuels and chemicals.

This CSA will allow you to more easily connect to and collaborate with colleagues from around Europe, join interesting events, and contribute to a joint roadmap and supporting strategies.

By filling out this community mapping form you will not only become a SUNERGY supporter, but you will also take part in our growing community mapping tool, where your organization will be listed on our webpage and located on the map, which also allows for being filtered based on three layers of competencies.

➡ No financial backing required.

Be part of the SUNERGY community, fill out this form.

Alternatively, you can still choose to be a SUNERGY supporter without being a part of our community mapping tool. In that case, we kindly ask you to contact us at with your request.

Letter to supporters

Dear SUNERGY supporter,

​It is with great excitement that we announce the next phase of the SUNERGY initiative. With funding from the European Union under the SUNER-C Coordination and Support Action (CSA, grant agreement n° 101058481, June 2022 – May 2025), the SUNERGY initiative is now committed to develop, represent and support a strong network of stakeholders in the field of solar fuels and chemicals. The vision of the SUNERGY initiative is to close the loop from a linear to a circular economy by developing high-impact, cross-cutting and applied research and technologies in the field of solar fuels and chemicals, contributing to a climate neutral, fossil resources-independent and sovereign European Union. Building further on the merging of the fruitful SUNRISE and ENERGY-X CSA projects, SUNER-C prepares the path to a possible large-scale European research and Innovation initiative, to be launched beyond the current CSA in 2025. We aim at building momentum, proactively involving stakeholders and developing our community to ensure maximum impact and representativeness.

​Thanks to the support of the SUNER-C CSA, we will provide our supporters with concrete benefits, including: opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing within a broad community with representatives of industry, research, academia, decision makers and societal players; facilitate the identification of joint topics and related grant applications and endorsement; help to raise visibility and advocate on relevant topics of interest towards decision makers; support the structuring of the communities that are relevant to the envisioned SUNERGY/SUNER-C technologies (including Electrolysis, Thermolysis, Photoelectrolysis, Hydrocarbon synthesis, Advanced/novel synthesis, CO2 (air) capture and activation, Photochemistry, Biocatalysis in cell factories), engaging with socio-technical, cross-cutting (e.g. climate community) and innovation aspects related to technological development and deployment.

Specific objectives of the SUNER-C CSA over the coming three years are:

– Create a diverse and inclusive innovation eco-system for solar fuels and chemicals, building on the existing communities in the solar to fuels and chemicals landscape.

– Develop a strategic technological roadmap that identifies short-, medium- and long-term critical milestones towards the broad implementation of solar fuels and chemicals in society.

– Prepare a large-scale research and innovation initiative (LSRI) that builds on the progress achieved during the CSA, ready to be launched at the end of SUNER-C.

– Develop tools, mechanisms and actions to promote communication, dissemination and education in support of the above.

– Engaging in advocacy and collaboration with the European Commission & other key decision makers at EU, international, national and local levels.

– Identify and advocate for funding opportunities, both for the longer-term large-scale R&I initiative and in the current transition phase, providing measurable benefits in the short and medium terms to stakeholders and their communities.

We sincerely hope that, with your support, the SUNERGY initiative can move forward, sustaining its ambition to realize a large-scale research and innovation initiative in the coming years.

​With kind regards and on behalf of the SUNERGY Executive Board,

​Prof. Bert Weckhuysen, Utrecht University
SUNERGY coordinator

Dr. Frédéric Chandezon, CEA
SUNERGY deputy coordinator