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The main achievements of the SUNER-C CSA are the continuous development of solar fuels and chemicals at reduced costs, the formation of an eco-system to speed-up technology deployment from lab to industry, and the preparation of a large-scale R&I initiative. Those scientific, technological and socio-economic impacts will contribute to the EU and global climate energy goals.

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Strategic R&I Agenda

Technological Roadmap

SUNER-C Deliverables

Scientific-technical papers

SUNERGY Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda

Based on the SUNRISE Technological Roadmap, the Energy-X Research Needs report and Mission Innovation’s IC5 report, a core working group has merged and developed these ideas into the SUNERGY’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda on Solar Fuels and Chemicals (SRIA).

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SUNER-C Technological Roadmap

Building upon the work done in SUNERGY’s SRIA, SUNER-C Technological Roadmap will build an all-agreed roadmap defining activities and milestones across the period 2022-2050 to resolve bottle-neck issues in value chains and reach the overall vision of SUNER-C.

The foundation stone of the technological roadmap took place during the Joint Roadmapping Workshop (14&15 June 2022), where expert groups gathered together to explore how to overcome R&I roadblocks, and the technological routes towards achieving the SUNER-C objectives.

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SUNER-C Deliverables

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WP5 Dissemination, communication and education

D5.1 Visual Identity

D5.2 Communication & Dissemination Strategy Plan

D5.3 Website Development

WP8 Project Management and coordination

D8.1 Risk Management Report

Scientific-technical papers

Our holistic group of experts are working on scientific and technical papers to redesign current technologies and processes for the resource-efficient conversion and storage of renewable (solar) energies and abundant feedstocks into fuels and chemicals, considering technology acceptance, digitalization, industrial resilience and equal opportunity.