First steps towards a roadmap on renewable fuels and chemicals from solar energy

 The SUNERGY community [1], the European Innovation Council (EIC) and EU’s DG for Research and Innovation (DG RTD), joint forces last 14th and 15th of June to start working on a roadmap on solar fuels and chemicals.

The workshop involved keynote speakers, among our industrial and academic partners, along with representatives from the DG RTD. Besides, successful projects on solar fuel technologies were presented in innovation and industrial pitches chaired by the EIC members. Furthermore, fruitful debates were held in the form of roundtables discussing about the model of exploitation of solar conversion technologies. And most important, all the attendees had the chance to participate in the first design of a Strategic Roadmap on production of solar fuels and chemicals in the EU! All the participants were divided into working groups and think tanks so to pinpoint the main problems, state of the art and solutions offered by the different technologies.

Working groups with rolled up sleeves to work on the Strategic Roadmap

This workshop is the first of its kind under the SUNER-C programme, which is funded by the European Commission under Horizon Europe, to fulfill the objectives of SUNERGY’s community. The overarching objective of the SUNER-C project is to create an inclusive innovation community and ecosystem that builds on the current SUNERGY network and includes new stakeholders across Europe. This new action will be key for bringing together fundamental and applied knowledge from various sectors of the society, as well as often unique resources, on the road to prepare a large-scale European joint action. The goal is to overcome scientific, technological, organizational and socio-economic challenges, accelerate innovation in solar fuels and chemicals, and enable the transition of existing and future technologies from laboratory and demonstrator level to industrial-scale application.

Last but not least, THANK YOU!

We would like to thank all the participants who joined us for the Roadmapping Workshop! These enriching discussions are a solid first step towards shaping a Strategic Roadmap for the future of solar fuels and chemicals within the EU.

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​​[1] To date, this community gathers over 300 supporting organisations across and beyond Europe from academia, industry, civil society and governmental authorities. Information about SUNERGY can be found at: