SUNER-C Vision Workshop & 2nd Consortium Meeting 

Feb 21, 2023 | News, SUNER-C

The Consortium Meeting and Vision Workshop of SUNER-C (EU-funded project) gathered the partners to follow up on the project and discuss the next steps 

Last 15th and 16th of February, SUNER-C partners gathered together in Brussels for the 2nd Consortium Meeting. Additionally, the project Vision Workshop was held in conjunction with the meeting, also open to invited stakeholders.  

SUNER-C is an EU-funded project (4M € over 3 years) on the next generation of energy carriers to replace fossil-fuels. The main objective is to build an ecosystem of companies, researchers, societal actors and policymakers, to accelerate the transition of technologies for the generation of solar fuels and chemicals, from the laboratory to large-scale industrial applications. These events are essential to achieve this goal, offering the opportunity to discuss the advance and key issues of the project.

The meeting kicked off with the participants’ registration and welcome, followed by the start of the Vision Workshop. The main objective of the workshop was to share the common vision of the SUNER-C project, powered by the SUNERGY community, for the resource-efficient conversion and storage of renewable energies and abundant feedstocks into fuels and chemicals. Throughout the morning, the industrial partners ENGIE Laborelec and Total Energies gave great talks on the industrial perspective, and then different groups were formed to discuss about fossil fuel displacement, serving the government market, consumer market and business-to-business.

In the afternoon, the 2nd Consortium Meeting started. After nine months of project implementation, the leaders of each work packages did an update on the developments of the tasks through detailed presentations. The project coordinator, Bert Weckhuysen, and deputy coordinator Frédéric Chandezon, explained the overall progress of the project, proving that SUNER-C project is steadily proceeding step by step, thanks to the collaboration of an international and multidisciplinary consortium. The consortium then had the opportunity to split into breakout parallel   sessions to discuss certain aspects of work packages and to brain storm new ideas. The day ended with the keynote presentation of Prof. James Durrant, from Imperial College of London, one of the members of the SUNER-C International Advisory Board.

On the second day, the Consortium Meeting continued with a report of the breakout sessions by the rapporteurs of each group. Afterwards, took place a discussion on societal considerations for technological development, related to work package 6: “Socio-technical and cross-cutting aspects”. Finally, the 2023 events schedule was presented and a strategy to enlarge the community reaching new supporters was discussed.

This event was also a great opportunity for all partners of the Consortium to meet in person, network with colleagues, and work together to maximize the impact of the SUNER-C project.

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