SUNER-C Shared Vision

It is our pleasure to share the most recent version of the SUNER-C Shared Vision. You can open and download the vision document using the link below. This document presents the shared vision of SUNER-C on how to redesign current technologies and processes for the resource-efficient conversion and storage of renewable (solar) energies and abundant feedstocks into fuels and chemicals, considering technology acceptance, digitalization, industrial resilience, and equal opportunity. The shared vision acts as a starting point for the roadmap in WP3, and this document will lead to a scientific peer-reviewed publication in open scientific literature.

This document is a draft in progress, and it will be updated and adapted based on the comments of the partners, authors, and the project office.

We are happy to receive your comments regarding the current version of the SUNER-C Shared Vision. In that case, please share your opinion with us using the form below.

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