The SUNERGY Executive Board has experienced some changes in the last weeks. On one side, Dr. Carina Faber has changed her position at the UCLouvain and has a new position at ENGIE Laborelec. Therefore, Carina will now be linked to the initiative through the Industrial Board, joining Dr. Jan Mertens as representatives for ENGIE

And since our last Executive Board Meeting on 4th December, Dr. Ann Magnuson from Uppsala University has joined the Board. Ann is Associate professor, and director of studies for PhD studies at the Department of Chemistry – Ångström. She has a longstanding experience in research on artificial photosynthesis for energy production, and is member of the executive board of the Swedish Consortium for Artificial Photosynthesis.  After a PhD at Lund University, she did postdoctoral research at UC Davies and Michigan SU on advanced spectroscopy of oxygenic photosynthesis. She has had many panel commissions from the US Department of EnergySwedish Energy Agency and the European Commission. Her current research focus is on photosynthesis, and redox tuning in electron transfer proteins.

“As a scientist, I am committed to building bridges between researchers and society, researchers create new ideas and technology, which society then adopts and develops. The climate crisis has put the spotlight on how little time we have to turn things around, and how important it is that we bring forth solutions expeditiously. I believe that SUNERGY, by fostering a community for innovation and collaboration, can speed up the development of a sustainable society and put a brake on climate change.”

Ann Magnuson, SUNERGY Executive Board member.

The SUNERGY Executive Board welcomes Ann and thanks Carina for her work and contributions, wishing her the best of luck at her new position.

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