Presentations Day 1

Welcome by the SUNERGY coordinators

Prof. Bert Weckhuysen, Utrecht University

Dr. Frédéric Chandezon, CEA

SUNERGY Strategic R&I Agenda

Prof. Joanna Kargul, University of Warsaw

Dr. Carina Faber, ENGIE

Solar fuels for the near future of sustainable Europe

Dr. Francesco Matteuci, EIC


Why the carbon neutral energy transition will imply the use of lots of carbon?

Dr. Jan Mertens, ENGIE


E-fuels for the energy transition? A system level vision

Dr. Falko Ueckerdt, Potdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)


Artificial Photosynthesis

Prof. Hub de Groot, University of Leiden


International cooperation for Renewable Fuels: Mission innovation case study

Dr. Philippe Schild, EC DG RTD


Kromatix. From the lab to reality. The needed awakening

Mr. Rafic Hanbali, Kromatix


Haru Oni hydrogen plant

Prof. Maximilian Fleischer, Siemens Energy


Green hydrogen to Sustainable Aviation Fuel demonstrator plant

Dr. Moritz Schreiber, TotalEnergies


Steelanol project

Dr. Kristof Verbeeck, ArcelorMittal


Energy-Technology-Economy nexus: from observation of the past to forecasts of the global energy transition

Dr. Hervé Bercegol, CEA


Current status of techno-economic assessment methodology and its importance for industry and EU R&I projects

Dr. Miet Van Dael, VITO


Life cycle assessment as a tool to evaluate emerging technologies

Dr. Ivan Muñoz, 2.0 LCA consultants


Involving the public in technology assessment

Mr. Aske Palsberg, Danish Board of Technology


Bridging the scales – from solar conversion at the nanolevel to the full device with computational material science

Prof. Gian-Marco Rignanese, UCLouvain


Presentations Day 2

European R&D innovation goals on Renewable Fuels

Dr. Thomas Schleker, EC DG RTD


The future of electrolyzer for the novel energy system: the importance of integration

Prof. Maximilian Fleischer, Siemens Energy

Sustainable aviation fuels

Dr. Clyde Hutchinson, General Partner, Team ABC



Prof. José R. Galán-Mascarós, ICIQ



Dr. Indraneel Sen, Uppsala University



Ms. Samantha Michaux, INERATEC GmbH



Prof. Tekla Tammelin, VTT



Prof. Simelys Hernandez, Politecnico di Torino


A critical view on photoelectrochemical conversion

Prof. Vincent Artero, CEA


Sustainable carbon capture: challenges and perspectives

Prof. Patricia Luis Alconero, UCLouvain


E-refineries for solar conversion into chemicals: challenges and opportunities

Prof. Gabriele Centi UMessina, ERIC